Soultown Festival 2019

Sundown on Soultown, September 7th, 2019 I had taken some perimeter photos of the 2018 Soultown concert in my local Beckenham Park ie Croydon Road Rec. Recently, I was delighted to learn the news that Heritage England had given Bowie’s … read more

Bowie Festival 2013 Picture Gallery

BHG Events Memories of a Free Festival 2013 photos The following were taken by Cliff Watkins  who organised the previous Beckenham tribute to Bowie in October  2002  when a Plaque was fixed to the wall of the Three Tuns Pub … read more

The Beckenham in Colour Project

The Beckenham in Colour Millennium Project is a unique and wonderful record of Beckenham at the end of the 20th century. A CD-ROM was produced by the Beckenham Photographic Society showing over 800 photographs of Beckenham. All these photographs are … read more