Beckenham Library

Beckenham Library LBB’s Closure Plans  The following article is part of the an appeal to Historic England to classify the Library as a listed building.   Beckenham Library has played a central part in the area’s cultural and historical development … read more

Clock House District

Famous Beckenham people and the Clock House District   Abbreviations BCSB Beckenham County School for Boys   BCSG Beckenham County School for Girls   BSA Beckenham School of Art   BSC Beckenham Swimming Club read more

Bowie’s Bandstand and Paxton’s Palace

Bowie’s Bandstand and Paxton’s Palace Bowie’s iron Bandstand was built in Croydon Road Recreation Ground in Beckenham  at the end of of the 19th Century. For 120 years it has been the centre of attraction of the park, the venue … read more

Elmers End Cemetery

Beckenham Crematorium and Cemetery  is  the full name for the facility which opened in 1876 as the Crystal Palace District Cemetery  – see poster below.  The aerial view painting used in the poster shows that the 41 acre site remains … read more

Bandstand Restoration Council Minutes

Meeting: 10/10/2018 – Environment and Community Services Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee (Item 20) 20 CROYDON ROAD RECREATION GROUND BANDSTAND RESTORATION PDF 92 KB Additional documents: ·                                 Appendix 1 for CRRG Bandstand Project, item 20 PDF 5 MB ·                                 Appendix … read more

Enid Blyton’s Education in Beckenham

Enid Blyton’s Education in Beckenham Enid enjoyed her time in her schools in Beckenham where she learned so much and made good friends, which education and people helped her to become an ‘author who inspired generations of young readers.’ Link to pdf file   Enid … read more

Beckenham’s Fire Stations

There are three fire station buildings in Beckenham. In the year 2000, the Copers Cope Area Residents Association marked the Millennium by placing a Plaque above the Water Spout on the building used by Beckenham’s first Fire Brigade from 1872 … read more