Soultown Festival 2019

Sundown on Soultown, September 7th, 2019

I had taken some perimeter photos of the 2018 Soultown concert in my local Beckenham Park ie Croydon Road Rec.

Recently, I was delighted to learn the news that Heritage England had given Bowie’s Bandstand in the Rec a Grade II Listing (my own request in 2016 having been turned down). The full press release can be read on the BHG site.

Spurred on by this news, I decided to try and discover more about what went on in this year’s 2019 concert and I went into the Rec aroud 6.30 pm to catch the evening light; hence the title of this article.

The organisers have announced they will be returning to Beckenham on 5 September 2020 for SoulTown 2020. Tickets here

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