Central Beckenham

Approaching from the east, photos show Bromley Road, the north end of the High Street, Church Hill and the curve of the rest of the High Street as far as the Regal roundabout.  Similar photos are included in the Shops and Heritage chapters, the latter including macro photos of old High Street scenes.


Under seige from the growth of pubs and restuarants Beckenham still has a good range of shops and major supermarkets.

Shops-Croydon Road

Most of these premises were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Some like Lampards bakers and the Post Office have retained the original shop front.

Shops-Elmers End

Elmers End remains a community shopping centre, although most visitors head for Tesco, built on the site of the Muirhead and Twinlock factories.




Beckenham is home to many famous sports clubs which date back some 100 years. David Beckham wannabes can be seen at the weekends at various venues including the hospital meadow in Croydon Road rec.

Transport-Beckenham Junction

Buses, trams and trains all converge at the junction through which 56 Eurostar trains pass each day.



Transport-Buses and Trams



A brief glimpse of all the essentials that help make the good life in Beckenham